Flaw Answer Choice Flashcards

[qwiz] [h] Flaw Answer Choices

[i] The LSAT requires no formal training in logic. This is usually an advantage, but creates some challenges when it comes to identifying logic errors and informal fallacies. A person who is familiar with the traditional names for fallacies may instantly identify a particular flaw as a case of “denying the antecedent” yet still be bewildered by the answer choices that are presented. These flashcards matches examples of actual LSAT answer choices (carefully paraphrased, out of respect for copyright) to the Wikipedia names for the respective fallacy.


[q multiple_choice=”true”] fails to consider that there may be other necessary conditions for the result beyond the specific condition that was identified


[c*] Affirming the Consequent

[f] Correct!

[c] May/Must Fallacy

[f] Not the best choice–but it has been credited as a correct answer for this situation.


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