LSAT Prep Tutor

After three satisfying careers (software engineer, public interest lawyer, and educational publisher), I “semi-retired” to a small farm in the mountains. I am happy with my cows and chickens, but I still want to share my love of law and logic with the next generation. That’s why I write a blog, and tutor just one subject: the LSAT.

Lots of tutors teach lots of subjects. I don’t. Although I have written textbook on philosophy and history, and have taught college classes in constitutional law and science, the only thing I teach these days is the LSAT. I collect different LSAT prep materials so that I can help any student, regardless of whether they prefer Kaplan, PowerScore, Prentice Hall, 7Sage, or “LSAT for Dummies.” Every single five-star rating I have received as a WyzAnt tutor has been from a student who wanted to do better on the LSAT.

Whether you want to get your score up from 130 or well over 170, I want to help–and I know how. After 40 years of teaching, I don’t use a “cookie cutter approach” with my students. I will help you design a study plan that is based on your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and resources. Together, we’ll figure out how to achieve your goals in a personalized way that makes the most of your study habits, works around your work schedule, and maximizes your motivation. Think of me as a personal trainer for your brain.

Sounds good? It is. But don’t just take my word for it. Give me one hour of your time and we’ll start designing your personal plan today at no cost to you. This is your chance to spend an hour with a Harvard Law grad with decades of legal experience who knows all about acing the LSAT and is eager to help you make your dreams come true. Click here to request a session today!