About Scott Somerville

SWSScott Somerville was a homeschooling dad when he went to Harvard Law School with his wife and five children in tow. He graduated with honors (and a sixth child!) in 1992, and went to work at the Home School Legal Defense Association for the next 14 years.

During that interval, Scott’s wife, Marcia Somerville, wrote an award winning K-12 curriculum called Tapestry of Grace. Together, they formed a publishing company called Lampstand Press. Tapestry of Grace was so successful that, in 2006, Scott left HSLDA and became Lampstand Press’s general counsel, book keeper, curriculum contributor–well, let’s just say that the co-owner of a small business wears a lot of hats!

In 2012, Scott and Marcia moved to a small farm in the mountains of West Virginia. For some time, Scott practiced law, but he decided to retire to do the daily tasks around the farm and relax. That didn’t last long! Farming sheep, horses, and chickens is good hard work, but not intellectually satisfying. Scott decided to tutor students who were preparing for the LSAT in December of 2015. He also enjoys writing about topics of the day that allow him to demonstrate practical applications of both law and logic. Finally, he is also available on a limited basis for freelance writing.